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Sony Music Group2018 Recruitment for New Graduates

At Sony Music Group, we have 3 application categories in the 2018 Recruitment for New Graduates.
An individual may only apply to one category.

  • 1.Group-wide Recruitment

    This category covers comprehensive recruiting for the various companies and departments of Sony Music Group. Please refer to the List of Applicable Positions. Position assignments will be determined after the preliminary employment notice, taking into account the individual’s abilities as well as preferences.
    Assignments may require relocation to one of our various offices in Sapporo,Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

  • 2. Specialist Recruitment

    This category covers recruiting positions in Accounting, Corporate-wide IT (Systems planning/Web planning), Intellectual Property Management, and Administration & Human Resources. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who wish to contribute their abilities and talents to the always exciting entertainment industry.

  • 3.Recruitment of Individuals with Disabilities

    This category covers recruiting of individuals with disabilities.
    Sony Music Group aims to create a work environment where the individuals' abilities and talents flourish by utilizing the necessary measures to accommodate special needs for the individuals' disabilities. The individuals' disabilities are not determinant in the selection of positions applicable. Please select "Recruitment of Individuals with Disabilities" at the time of Pre-entry Registration and then proceed to select positions in either Group-wide Recruitment or Specialist Recruitment.

  • Group company List
  • Job category List 

Work Conditions and Compensation

Employment Status
Full-time/Permanent employment
Annual Salary for the first year:¥3,850,000 plus Achievement Bonus for Undergraduates and Masters Degree holders (First year average ¥4,150,000)
¥3,600,000 plus Achievement Bonus for Junior and Vocational College Graduates
(First year average ¥3,900,000)
Achievement Bonus
(Paid according to performance of employed group company)
Holidays and Leave

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday), National holidays, Year-end/New year holidays (Total 130 days for 2017), Special calendar year based holidays

Annual paid leave (15 days for first year)
Refresh holiday (a flexible continuous holiday arranged per individual)Maternity leave, Childcare leave, Nursing care leave, among others

Social Insurance
Full social security benefits (Health insurance, Employees' pension program, Unemployment insurance,Workers' accident compensation insurance)
Company-owned holiday facilities (in Nasu and Hakone), Company membership to resort hotel programs, Company membership to fitness clubs
Other Benefits
Employee asset-building savings, Various Sony group insurance plans, Employee discounts for group products.


  • A  Individuals born after April 2, 1991.
  • B  Individuals expected to graduate by March 2018 from university (for bachelors and masters degrees) and junior or vocational college (programs of two years or more); or Individuals who have already earned their degrees, but without any prior full-time employment (hourly/part-time employment is allowable).
  • ※Individuals must meet both criteria (A and B) to be eligible to apply for 2018 Recruitment for New Graduates.

Recruitment Timeline

  • ① Pre-entry registration from webpage 
    Click on [PRE-ENTRY] below to fill out and send us your information.
    • ・Your User ID will be sent to the email address registered.
    • ・Pre-entry will register you to receive information about Sony Music Group's Recruitment of New Graduates.
    • ・Please note that this Pre-entry Registration is not yet the actual Entry/Application to the 2018 Recruitment of New Graduates.
    • 1.Group-wide Recruitment entryPRE-ENTRY ADMISSION CLOSED
    • 2.Specialist Recruitment entryPRE-ENTRY ADMISSION CLOSED
    • 3.Recruitment of individuals with Disabilities entryPRE-ENTRY ADMISSION CLOSED
  • ② Entry/Application
    Further instructions will be sent to individuals who have registered for Pre-entry. You will receive information about [My Page] where you may find details on how to complete your Entry/Application process.
    If you have not yet completed Pre-entry Registration, please start by doing so.
  • ③ Interviews and Screening
  • ④ Preliminary employment notice